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Aloha, Maui!

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Dear Friends,

I’m happy to announce that Morimoto Maui will be opening at the Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort & Spa in the summer of 2013! This will be my second restaurant in Hawaii since opening Morimoto Waikiki in 2010.

Photo: Andaz Maui

At Morimoto Maui, the menu will focus on Hawaii’s freshest, local ingredients executed with traditional Japanese techniques. We are working with the Rockwell Group on the design of the restaurant, which will feature a 57-seat interior dining area, 56-seat outdoor terrace, and 23-seat terrace bar. There will also be an 8-seat sushi bar serving sushi and sashimi. I am excited that you will be able to see the beach and ocean from every seat in the house! 

Check out the most recent Morimoto Maui coverage in USA Today, Honolulu Star Advertiser, Maui News, and Eater.  For more information, please visit www.andazmaui.com.

Stay tuned and looking forward!






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